February 10th, 2014

Free Reflexology Session

by NappyLadyUK

Unfortunately i’m not pregnant so can’t take advantage of this great opportunity but could you????

This is a friend of a Nappy Lady customer so would be for someone in the GU postcode areas really.

I am looking for 2 or 3 case studies for a maternity reflexology course, I have completed the first part of the course but in order to complete the second half I am in need of at least 4 case studies besides the course work.

I am a fully qualified, insured and accredited by the association of reflexologists. Based in Farnborough Leisure centre one evening a week at the moment and also mobile. It would be for 5 sessions, lasting between 15 to 45 minutes (whatever the client feels comfortable with but 45 minutes is a normal session) preferably weekly but understand if this is not possible as life gets busy at the best of times.

There is no charge as I feel I would be getting just as much out of it as (hopefully) the client. If you could post it on your FB page it would be much appreciated, my website is under construction at the moment but I have a Facebook page


Please let me now if you have any questions. Below is a description of Reflexology.

Reflexology is a hands-on therapy that involves using acupressure technique to stimulate specific areas in the feet and/or hands to restore and maintain natural processes, induce relaxation and support the body’s self healing ability.

For a reflexology treatment you will need to remove shoes, socks/tights, the treatment will be carried out in a reclining chair.

There is no need to feel self-conscious about feeling ticklish, firm pressure is used.

November 6th, 2013

Reusable Nappies and Water Usage

by NappyLadyUK

Regularly families on water meters ask me about water usage from using cloth nappies. They are concerned that “all that washing” is going to make their water bills very high.

We’ve been on a water meter since 2008 and we’re now a family of two adults and three children. As well as all the washing that goes with my little brood i’m also strip washing hire kits once or twice a week and have night time nappies from Evangeline. I’d therefore expect us to be quite high water users. We’ve recently had our water bill so I phoned up our suppliers to see how “high” our water usage is and i’m pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised.

South East Water estimates that on average the amount of water used per month per
adult is 10m³
child is 5m³

For our family this means we should use on average 35m³ per month. However in fact we only use 13m³ per month, less than half the average. Needless to say we are pleased.

We do have some “green features” in our garden to save water. We have a couple of water butts and have a tank that collects rainwater from our roof so we don’t normally have to use water to water the garden. I’m also the most lazy gardener anyway there is never a huge amount of gardening or watering going on! We mainly have showers, have modern toilets that have the reduced flush options, we mainly use the dishwasher which is a modern water efficient version but our washing machine is 10 years old so not the most water efficient model.

I hope this eases some concerns over using cloth nappies and water meters.
Wendy Richards

The Nappy Lady

October 22nd, 2013

Cold Sores and Purepotions

by NappyLadyUK

This is a completely unrelated nappy blog post today! But if you suffer with these annoying little face pests called cold sores I hope this helps you!

Do you suffer with cold sores? I’m very grateful that at the grand old age of 34 I have never had one.  My parents never got them and I can’t remember my grandparents ever having them either, so maybe I came from a family that just didn’t have them or we have strong immune systems against them….

My husband however does get them very occassionally. He seems to get them when under stress or activated by UV light on holiday if he’s not generous with a high factor suncream. Our eldest Son recently had his first one as well :( There are lots of expensive cold sore creams that promise the world however I use good old tea tree products. At the first sign of a tingle I get them to start bathing the area with a drop of tea tree mixed in water twice a day and then apply a generous amount of Purepotions Tea Tree Rescue Salve. This often stops the cold sore forming at all. If it’s too late and the sore is beginning to develop then keep applying the tea tree rescue salve every few hours and within a couple of days I’ve found it will start to dry and heal.

Purepotions make a wide range of other products including Nappy Salves for baby bottoms and their wonderful Skin Salvation for dry skin which i’ve talked about on here before. They also sell 3 other rescue salves which are always a staple in my bathroom cabinet for all sorts of ailments. If you’d like a chance at winning some of their fabulous products enter our give away below.


Wendy The Nappy Lady
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April 14th, 2013


by NappyLadyUK

Join in the fun and celebrate Real Nappy Week (15th – 21st April) with the launch of the super Clothopoly game!  This game is for people already using cloth nappies and everybody who would like to start!

We want to make this year the best Real Nappy Week EVER, so help us spread the word about Real Nappies by playing our fantastic game of Clothopoly and getting all your friends involved. With a total of 61 prizes worth up to £500 available, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Clothopoly is a game where competitors visit different cloth nappy websites to collect game pieces. Competitors will be visiting the likes of The Nappy Lady or Bumgenius to collect letters which make a winning phrase. In total, 67 retailers and manufacturers are supporting Clothopoly by donating prizes, a total of £9000 worth! A list of supporters is available here.


Grand Prize: £500 worth of nappies, wipes, changing bag and accessories!

10 x Second Prizes: £250 worth of nappies and accessories

50 x Runner-up Prizes: £75 worth of nappies and accessories

Plus daily SPOT prizes from Gold Members and non nappy supporters. The Nappy Lady has put together a rather lovely SPOT prize so don’t miss our SPOT on Wednesday 17th April!

If you haven’t already please “like” the Real Nappy Week facebook page at www.facebook.com/realnappyweek  You’ll find a BIG teaser competition there from Monday too!

Entry Details

To win the Grand prize of £500 worth of nappies, wipes, wetbag, and changing bag, the winning entrant must find all the game pieces to form a phrase. The URL where each game piece is found must be entered into the database. The winner must have the phrase, PLUS all the URLs in order to win the main prize.

There will be 10 x second prizes of £250 worth of nappies and accessories, plus 50 prizes approximate value £75, prizes will be chosen at random from remaining entries. One entry will be given for each URL found and each facebook page liked from those listed on the competition entry page. Additional entries will be allocated by sharing details of the competition and tweeting about the competition, using the online game entry at www.realnappyweek.org/clothopoly.html

Wendy Richards
The Nappy Lady

The Nappy Lady Competition

October 15th, 2012

Cloth Nappies and Playgroups

by NappyLadyUK

When new parents or parents to be contact me they often think they will use cloth at home and disposables out and about for “ease of use.” When i first changed to cloth i was in this camp too but soon realised how easy they are to use away from home.

I took our youngest Evangeline to playgroup this morning and she is going through a very pooey phase!  Nothing wrong with her she must just be having a growth spurt as she’s eating more than me at age 2!  The more she eats the more there is to come out. I changed a pooey nappy before we went and though i’d be safe for the 90min visit to playgroup but i was wrong! All the running around got things moving and i had another pooey nappy to change while there.

I took her to the changing area armed with a clean nappy, washable wipes and a wet nappy bag to store the dirties in.  I changed her nappy in half the time it took a Mum using disposable nappies and disposable wipes to change her baby. As there is so much poo going on at the moment i’m using my trusty bomb proof two part nappies (Totsbots nappy and Motherease airflow wrap) so i wasn’t even using the super quick all in ones to change her.   The reusable wipes did a fantastic job of cleaning her up quickly and efficiently unlike the disposables wipes that just smear poo everywhere. I popped the wipes in the wet nappy bag, flushed the pooey and very stinky paper liner down the loo so i only had to put the slightly wee’d on nappy into my bag with the wipes. Disposable using Mum had to bag up her wipes and still stinky pooey disposable nappy and keep it all in her bag to take home with her as you’re not allowed to leave disposable nappies in the toilets at the playgroup. I’m sure her bag smelt lovely whereas mine didn’t have a whiff at all!

Smug cloth nappy using Mum :)


April 12th, 2012

Does your baby have the greatest smile?

by NappyLadyUK

A new competition to find Britain’s Greatest Baby Smile has just started! The winning baby will become the new face of leading brand Bonjela!

Wouldn’t it be fab if a cloth bot baby won!

April 2012


A baby’s smile is infectious. Their wide gummy grin has the ability to melt any frown and soften even the hardest of hearts.

However, when it comes to the baby who has the country’s greatest smile every mother would say their child wins that title hands down.

In an effort to settle the argument once and for all, Bonjela, Britain’s number one teething gel* has launched the Britain’s Greatest Baby Smile competition.

The contest comes as part of the 12-month Britain’s Greatest campaign – from the makers of Bonjela, Reckitt Benckiser – which celebrates everything that is great about Britain in 2012.

Bonjela Teething Gel provides effective, soothing relief from teething pain. Its local anaesthetic action relieves pain and soothes sore gums, while its antiseptic action can help prevent minor mouth infections – for turning those teething pain-frowns upside down!

The nationwide competition will kick off on April 10, and the winning baby will be launched into the spotlight as the face of the new advertising for leading* baby brand – Bonjela.

The competition is being held in partnership with supermarket giant Tesco and Bounty website, with brands Nurofen for Children and Karvol participating with in-store promotions.

For a chance to show off your baby’s winning smile, pick up your camera and get snapping. Entry couldn’t be simpler, just head to Bounty website and upload your picture. The entry phase closes on May 8, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Once all the photos are collated, they will be short-listed to 10 baby finalists by our expert panel that includes:

  • Helen Wynne, who was recently awarded Tesco Achieving mum of the year, will be sharing her expert opinion. As the mum of a child with special needs, Helen used her experience to set up her own inclusive child-minding centre, Blythswood in Wrexham.
  • Lisa English, Brand Manager at Reckitt Benckiser
  • Blogger Emma Shepherd, who writes the popular baby blog “Me. The Man and the Baby.”
  • Lisa Penny, Head of Stakeholder relations from Bounty
  • Vanessa Tilley, Marketing manager for healthcare and pharmacy at Tesco
  • Lucy Butler, Editor from the Tesco baby and toddler club
  • Debbie Bird, Editor at Babyworld
  • Katya Crichton, Art Director from creative agency Euro RSCG

Once the top 10 have been agreed by our panel of experts, the final decision is in your hands! The photos will be posted on the Bounty website on the 16th May 2012, for people to vote for their favourite cheeky smiles.

Make sure you share the link with as many people as possible on your social network pages to get as many votes as you can. Don’t forget to encourage your family and friends to nominate your photo too!

The new face of Bonjela Teething Gel will be announced on the June 20, 2012 with advertising to launch in 2012.

Lisa English of the Britain’s Greatest Campaign, said: “We’re really excited to launch this competition to find Britain’s Greatest Baby Smile.  We expect there to be a lot of competition and look forward to finding the winner for our new advertising campaign.”

More details can be found here:




March 17th, 2012

Fitted Mattress Protectors

by NappyLadyUK

For years The Nappy Lady has just stocked flat mattress protectors. These are the most cost effective and versatile as they can be moved to any bed no matter the size.

So why have we added fitted mattress protectors?

While fitted protectors cost more that than flat ones, they do have some benefits. If a baby in a cot is sick or has a nappy leak (shouldn’t leak in a good cloth nappy though), with the fitted mattress protector you can just take off this one layer and replace. The mattress underneath is fully protected. If you use the flat protectors for a baby in a cot, these would be placed underneath the normal fitted top sheet. If you need to change the bedding in the night you’d take off the top sheet and the flat protector and then you’d replace both. This gives you slightly more washing.

Once my children are older (30months+) and night time training or trained, they have all slept directly on their flat mattress protectors. If they are sick or wet the bed i’ve only had to whip off this flat protector and put another one on. Their normal fitted sheet underneath has been fully protected and therefore i’ve no need to have to “fit” anything over the edges of the mattress in the middle of the night. This system has worked exceptionally well for years in our house.

Now our eldest is approaching seven years old, he’s had some urinary problems following an operation to correct a hypospadias he was born with. I still think he can’t “feel” a full/nearly full bladder until it’s right at the very last second. He’s now normally reliable at night as long as he goes to the toilet right before bed. If he forgets to go before bed (and Mummy forgets to remind him), it’s quite likely he will wet the bed so i like to have a protector just in case. He’s now starting to go to sleepovers and it’s these times i especially worry about him wetting the bed as he gets very embarrassed by it. At sleepovers he’s more likely to have been drinking a lot of juice which i find really stimulates his bladder, plus he’ll be having so much fun it’s easier to forget that toilet visit. This is where these fitted sheets are fab. His friends will never know that his travel mattress has a bed protector on it as it looks and feels just like normal. If he takes the Tencel fabric sheet these are incredible soft too. He’s happy that he doesn’t look different but also knows he’s got the bed protected just in case. I put two of these fitted sheets on so if he does have an accident in the night he can take it off his travel bed easily and there will be a clean dry layer underneath. His friends will never need to know.

The fitted mattress protectors are available in either cotton or Tencel fabric.

Wendy Richards


February 7th, 2012

Competitions and Facebook

by NappyLadyUK

Tonight i will be running a competition to win a free albert freetime nappy. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook then please come and join us! www.facebook.com/TheNappyLady 

If you join the facebook page you also get access to a free discount code or special offers (i change it every month). Plus access to the latest news, tester requests, freebies, advice and support and competitions.

Hope to see you there tonight. Competition starts at 6pm!



January 9th, 2012

Do Cloth Nappies Damage Baby’s Hips?

by NappyLadyUK

A common question I get asked by first time cloth nappy users is: Does the extra bulk of a cloth nappy effect baby’s hip development?

The answer is NO!

Cloth nappies keep a newborns hips slightly wider apart than disposables do but this is actually the optimum position for a newborn. When a baby is born their hip joints haven’t fully developed and at birth and at their 6/8 week check the Doctor will check for “clicky hips” or hip dysplasia.   If baby has clicky hips they often need to wear a pavlik hip harness. This harness keeps their legs wider apart so that the hip ball and socket joint are held in a deeper position and can develop properly. This usually helps prevent the need for hip operations later on.

Cloth nappies don’t hold the hips in as wide a position as a hip harness but the extra width and support cloth nappies provide can sometimes prevent the need for a hip harness at all. In the past hip dysplasia was treated by putting the child in 2 bulky terry squares at a time to achieve the wider leg position.

One of my recent customers Kirstie has written about her experience with clicky hips.

“We had already decided our son would use cloth nappies before he arrived and we purchased a complete nappy system from Wendy during antenatal. He stared wearing them after the meconium had been passed out his system.
In his fifth week he was diagnosed as having a “clicky hip” and he required a Pavlik harness. We were reassured to learn from the paediatrician that the cloth nappies had been helping to keep his hips in a better position compared to the thinner disposable nappies. At first it was tricky to weave the nappys’ velcro fastenings through and underneath the harness straps, but after a couple of days we were changing nappies fairly expertly. We had a few leakages at first as the harness was keeping his legs wide open but as soon as his thighs bulked up the seal around the legs was tighter and no more accidents.
He is now four months old, and was only in the harness for 7 weeks. We are happy knowing that the cloth nappies are still augmenting his hip joints.
We regularly receive positive comments about using cloth nappies, and we are really pleased that we made the decision to use them.”

Once baby is also cruising and walking their bottoms and backs will thank you for choosing cloth. Learning to walk requires a lot of falling too. The impact (especially on hard floors) is softened by the fluffy padding of their nappies. I know i’d certainly prefer to fall over with a thick layer covering my bottom than just thin trousers!

For more benefits of Cloth Nappies see our article “Advantages of Cloth Nappies.”



November 17th, 2011

Earth Friendly Baby Toiletries

by NappyLadyUK

A few years back i became aware of studies that showed the SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and Parabens found in many cosmetics and toiletries could be bad for your health. I’ve since read that there have also been studies that have found them to be safe to use. So are they or aren’t they safe? I really don’t know but when it comes to my own children i’ve decided to be precautionary and use natural products where possible. There are many examples in history where we’ve been told something is safe and then years later it’s been proven to cause something nasty.

So what are these chemicals and what might they do?

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
This is frequently used in shower gels and shampoos to make them foam up. It can however be a skin irritant. Prolonged exposure can also make skin problems worse for individuals with sensitive skin. SLS can also be absorbed into the skin and can mimic the activity of the hormone Oestrogen

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics. Parabens can also mimic the female hormone Oestrogen. Evidence suggests that a lifetimes increased exposure to oestrogen is linked to an increase in the risk of breast cancer and has an adverse impact on male reproductive functions.

It’s not always easy to find products which don’t contain any hidden “nasties.” They might be free of one sort and have something else instead. For our children I use the Earth Friendly Baby (and now the Earth Friendly Kids) range. These are mild and gentle on their delicate skin, only contain natural/organic ingredients. They are hypoallergenic so great for the sensitive skin of our middle child.  They contain no artificial colouring, or artificial fragrances, no SLS or parabens. They are also not tested on animals and approved by the Vegetarian Society. Pretty good credentials compared to your a “normal” kids bathroom products.

These can now be found on the site in the new “We Also Love…” section.

Wendy Richards