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September 16th, 2010

My search for the best washable breast pad.

by NappyLadyUK

I’m on the search for some fantastic and reliable reusable breast pads. I absolutely hate the disposables ones with a passion from a waste perspective, the cost and the fact that I find them scratchy.  I’ve tried many types over the years some with more success than others.

 I like the shape of the Lansinoh ones and they are fairly slim so don’t leave a really obvious tell tale breast pad shape through your top. If you’ve got a strong let down the pad becomes soaked and you still end up with a wet top (as happened at preschool pick up last week) very embarrassing but there are worse places it could have happened.

I originally got some Avent ones as well but find them bulky and easy to see through clothes however the lacy backing has stopped them leaking through.

I’ve just bought some Little Lambs bamboo breast pads to test which arrived today and so far I’m extremely impressed. They are really slim, super soft and they have a PUL waterproof layer in the middle so no more leaking through.  Being bamboo I expect them to go harder over time but being flat bamboo fabric this might not be as bad as looped bamboo that some nappies are made of.

I’ll keep you updated on how they go.

What was your favourite breast pad and why? Have any of you tried the Lilypadz?
Wendy Richards

September 12th, 2010

What is “THE BEST” cloth nappy?

by NappyLadyUK

I get asked all the time what is THE BEST nappy? Quite simply there isn’t one answer to this.  What is best for one person would be an awful choice for someone else.

As a general rule you get the best containment and absorbency with a two part nappy system (nappy and separate wrap).  This is because if anything gets past the nappy you still have the wrap as a second layer to protect baby’s clothes. I personal think having leak free nappies is very important but for some people this is less important and the simplicity of an all in one is best for them. Once baby is weaned and their poo is more solid, the one layer containment of a pocket/all in one nappy is generally sufficient for many babies. If someone is converting to cloth nappies once baby is weaned I’ll often (but not always) recommend an all in one/pocket nappy such as the Bumgenius V4 or Totsbots Easyfit V2 as their best options. These nappies work in a very similar way to disposables so baby’s later switch to cloth nappies is very simple for their parents.

Drying facilities are also very important. If you have limited drying facilities then you really need and will appreciate a fast drying nappy. The Bambinex Teddy nappy is super fast drying and makes using cloth nappies a real option for many people. If drying speed is important to you, then a microfibre nappy such as the Teddy or the Bumgenius V4 will definitely be the best nappy for you.

Bamboo fabric nappies are very popular at the moment but if you have limited drying facilities you will really struggle to dry them. Some of my pure bamboo nappies have taken up to 3 days to dry in the Autumn/Spring on inside airers. Bamboo however is very slim and if looks are important to you then bamboo nappies may be the best option for you. The Bambinex bamboo is a wonderfully slim nappy which offers fantastic absorbency and containment as well.  There are also now mixed fabric nappies such as the Bamboozle Stretchy and Flexitot; these aren’t quite as slim as the Bambinex bamboo but quicker drying. If you don’t think you can cope with the potential drying time of pure bamboo nappies these could be the best for you.

Baby’s height is another key factor which can greatly influence your best nappy. Many of the big brand nappies are average length nappies and can be outgrown by tall children. If you have a tall baby or potentially a tall child (this is why I ask for parental height on the advice questionnaire to give me an idea of baby’s height potential), then the Bumble is a fantastic choice. The Bumble has a longer length setting and has fitted my tall children through to potty training. Other longer length nappies include the Bambinex nappies and the new Bumgenius V4.

The traditional terry squares should also not be forgotten. These are the most economical nappy system and far easier to use than many people imagine. In the financially stretching times we live in, terry squares are the best option for many people and you can get a great birth to potty nappy system for only £100. Over the last few years I’ve been asked about terry squares more than ever before.

My advice service isn’t limited to the UK and I regularly I’ve advice to parents from all over the world. This raises a whole new set of issues for me to consider such as local climate or access to washing facilities. If you only have access to hand washing or live in a Putsi Fly risk area then terry squares will be the best and only suitable system for you.

There are many other factors which need to be considered to decide on your “best” nappy. These include; Childcare arrangements and what age baby will go to child care; if you’re going to have more children and need to reuse the nappies; will you have more than one child in nappies at the same time; do you have partners or family support, as well as many other factors. For this reason I always encourage people to fill in the advice questionnaire on The Nappy Lady website so I can fully assess your needs, priorities and requirements and therefore recommend what I consider to be the best nappy systems for you.

Wendy Richards